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DP John Gulesarian Talks Overnight Shoots of ‘The Overnight’

Cinematographer John Gulesarian talks to Filmmaker Magazine about shooting his Sundance comedy The Overnight on a tight schedule.

He explains, “We shot The Overnight on a very short schedule of mostly night shoots. We were often shooting up to 10 pages a day while racing the impending daylight, and because of this we chose to shoot with two cameras as much as possible. This is always a challenge to me because I believe every shot is telling your story and nothing should ever feel arbitrary. I also think some scenes work best as a single shot, and having a second camera around can give us all a ‘let’s just shoot it so we have it’ attitude. [Director] Patrick [Brice] and I decided early in our planning stages that we would avoid that way of thinking. We always wanted to know ahead of time where we were going to put the cameras, and why. In the end, using multiple cameras really helped us to get through our days without missing any moments.”

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