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DP Florian Ballhaus Goes Anamorphic for ‘Insurgent’

To shoot Insurgent, the second film in the dystopian Divergent trillogy, cinematographer Florian Ballhaus opted for an ARRI Alexa XT and anamorphic lenses for the VFX heavy film.

As he explain to ARRI, “Lenses define the look of the movie…I felt Insurgent could benefit from the anamorphic look in every possible way…[The ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses] give you the best of both worlds: the perfect image of the spherical world, but with the depth of an anamorphic image. It was an easy sell to [director] Robert [Schwentke] who is concerned about symmetry and resolution. The slight imperfections and beautiful bokeh falloff on the anamorphic lenses made the images more interesting dramatically without dealing with extreme focus fall-off on the edges.”

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