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DP Eigil Bryld Brings the Look of the Old Dutch Masters to Life for ‘Tulip Fever’

Set in 17th cenury Holland, also known as the Dutch Golden Age, Justin Chadwick’sTulip Fever is a film about the aristocrats’ obsession with art and tulips. To achieve the look of the film, cinematographer Eigil Bryld didn’t have to look far–its subject matter was already about the sumptous art of the time.

“For me, a painterly quality has defined sources, strong sculptural volume and a tight light-dark composition,” Bryld tells American Cinematographer. The DP chose to shoot on an ARRI Alexa XT Plus with a LUT based on Kodak’s 3383 print stock .

“If there are too many variables, too many knobs to turn, it can be a distraction from the real world,” he adds. “It’s better to create a single LUT and adjust what’s in front of the camera, as opposed to tweaking the image on a day-to-day basis — that’s how you paint yourself into a corner. When I shot film I would choose one stock for the whole project.”

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