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DP Bojan Bazelli Explains Why He Preferred the ARRI Alexa XT Studio for ‘A Cure for Wellness’

A Cure for Wellness


Bojan Bazelli speaks to

Filmmaker Magazine

about shooting Gore Verbinski’s stylish horror movie. 


A Cure for Wellness

we used the Alexa XT,” says Bazelli. “We used the Studio version of the Alexa because it has a rotating mirror shutter instead of a digital shutter. It gets you a little closer to film in terms of the strobing. Some people would argue it’s almost imperceptible and that you’ll never see the difference, but I do. The Studios aren’t used as often as [the base model Alexas] because they’re a little heavier and people like to use small cameras, but that shutter is the reason I prefer it. So our main package was two XT Studios and our third camera was the Alexa M for when we needed something smaller. The M is the one with the umbilical connection to a recorder, but I think the era for that camera is over now. The Alexa Mini has taken its place.”

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