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Doug Block Turns Wedding Videography Into Documentary Subject Matter

Documentary filmmaker Doug Block turned to his side gig as a wedding videographer to come up with the subject matter for his latest film, 112 Weddings (premiering on HBO). Block revisited couples whose weddings he had shot over the years to get an intimate look at the evolution of their marriages.

Explains Block to, “Weddings get a bad rap. I had an attitude about weddings when I first started seeing wedding videos; I just thought they were cheesy and silly. So when I took my first wedding, I just thought, Why not? Somebody called and said they didn’t mean to insult me but they needed someone to shoot their wedding. Did I know anyone I could recommend? I said, ‘I’ll do it.’ And I went. And I just thought it was amazing. As a vérité documentary shooter, what do we want most when we shoot documentaries? Access. And they were paying me good money to have the most amazing access you can possibly have to a couple on their wedding day.”

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