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Doug Aitken Is at a Hallucinatory Crossroads with ‘Altered Earth’

Doug Aitken talks to Dazed Digital about his video installation, Altered Earth, which is both inspired by and installed in Southern France’s Camargue region.

Says Aitken, “The landscape felt like an hallucinatory crossroads to me; it’s this extreme contrast. You have Nazi bunkers that have been reclaimed by indigenous animals. You have huge brackish salt mines with five-storey high pyramids of salt baking in the sun. You have wild horses moving around. I was interested in seeing these contrasts where you have deep nature, deep ecology, coming into stark contrast with the modern world. It creates a 2001: Space Odyssey type quality in the landscape…I really want to make this work – out of this specific landscape – and I only ever want to show it in that landscape. The work will never travel to other museums, it will never travel to other countries or other regions, it will only be there. So for the individual to see it, they have to go into the landscape to encounter this work which comes from this landscape.”

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