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Doremi Labs V1-HD Video Servers Playback 4k Resolution Video on Sonys SXRD 4k Digital Cinema Projector

Doremi Labs

showcased its V1-HD JPEG2000 compressed HD video server at the HEAVENT event & presentation expo in Paris, France. Two V1-HD Servers played back 4 streams of 2k resolution video to Sony’s new SXRD 4k Digital Cinema Projector.

The 4k material was provided by Philippe Gerarn of INRIA; the French Research Institute for Computer Science and Automatic Control. INRIA created a five-minute video sequence using a 10 megapixel digital camera. Each TIFF file was split into four parts and the sequence was transferred to Doremi’s V1-HD server via Ethernet.

The two V1-HD units were easily locked to provide four synchronized HD-SDI streams to feed the Sony SXRD 4K Digital Cinema Projector.

The V1-HD is ideal as a playback device for large screen presentations, digital cinema and other large high-resolution display applications. The dual-link HD-SDI inputs can also be used for 4:2:2:4 recording of video and key, and are also useful for ultra wide screen projection and 3D video.

HDTV’s high resolution demands large amounts of storage. The V1-HD features selectable JPEG2000 video compression up to 320Mbs. This high quality video compression helps to preserve the quality of the video image while significantly reducing storage requirements.

The V1-HD is housed in a compact 3U chassis with up to two removable hard drives. A single drive can provide approximately 4 hours of storage at 160 Mbs.