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Donny Hall Relies on BenQ PV3200PT 4K UHD Monitor for Color Accuracy

“Color plays such a huge part in my visual storytelling,” says Donny Hall, owner of Studio82 in Bryan, Texas. Whether he’s working on a commercial, corporate video or documentary, his workflow demands the highest level of color-rich detail. “You create emotions with color. As an artist, it’s one of your strongest friends. Once you take a step into the realm of professional production, it’s important that you eliminate the guesswork. The more accurate your material, the more accurate the final product.”

For his most recent work, Bouquet by Numbers, a film he co-directed and produced, Hall transitioned into the 4K realm. As part of that upgrade, Hall needed a monitor that could accurately present what he captured and maintain that vision through his editing workflow within Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. In the past, he had relied on the powerful BenQ BL3201PH, and so when he saw the PV3200PT, he knew it would be a familiar and reliable choice while adding 100 percent Rec. 709 color accuracy.

Purpose-built for professional video postproduction, the 32-inch BenQ PV3200PT 4K Ultra HD IPS display provides color precision via 10-bit, 100 percent sRGB, color tone reproduction with a Delta-E value of ≤2, and a 14-bit 3D LUT for improved RGB color blending.

The PV3200PT features simple hardware and software calibration that allows him to adjust the monitor’s processing chip without altering graphic card data; everything is calibrated through the monitor. Hall uses X-Rite’s ColorTRUE color calibration app, and with the monitor’s calibration capabilities, he can seamlessly interchange what laptop or PC he’s working on without changing the computer settings.

“This allows me to not only work with my images as a reference but actually be able to work with my images as the final product,” says Hall. “It skips a lot of headache at the end trying to get things to match up or waiting until the finishing process to address some of the issues.” 

In addition, the monitor’s OSD controller enables him to quickly and efficiently switch among Rec. 709, EBU and SMPTE-C modes.

“I can’t leave anything to chance with digital,” says Hall. “You want as much color information—as much richness—as you can get out of your images. Anything that helps me produce more stunning, more visually engaging images and with more precision, and do so affordably, I’m going to adopt as a standard. BenQ has set a new standard for my workflow.”