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‘Documentary Now!’ Relies on a Full Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow for Spot-On Mockumentary Look

IFC’s mockumentary series Documentary Now! emulates a different documentary in each episode. Much of the show’s humor comes from the look of the show being so close to the documentary it’s based on, such as Grey Gardens or Jiro Dreams of Sushi. For editing and post, the crew relies on a full Adobe Creative Cloud workflow.

“The whole idea is that we’re able to have an evolving process that’s not regimented: here’s the editing stage, here’s the sound stage, here’s the VFX stage,” says editor Micah Gardner. “Creative Cloud gives us this comprehensive toolset. It helps us really lend our imaginations over the story and make much better creative decisions as a result.”

“Having the tools to create a rough cut that looks very close to the final cut in terms of color, grain, and film emulation has been a huge advantage for us,” adds director and DP Alex Buono.

Watch the post-production team discuss their workflow below.