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Documentary ‘Dying Laughing’ Takes a Fresh Approach to the Life of a Stand-Up Comedian

Lloyd Stanton and Paul Toogood’s

Dying Laughing 

combines a series of interviews from giants in the field of stand-up comedians–from Jerry Lewis to Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer to Garry Shandling and many more–to get a snapshot of what it’s really like to choose that as a career path.

With great documentaries – and I’m not sure we’ve ever made one [laughs] – but it seems to me you take information that the audience thinks they know about and shine a light on it in a different way so you come up with a new piece of art,” Toogood tells

The Moveable Fest

. “With

Dying Laughing

, we were interested in the idea that these people make it look really easy and it definitely is not – sanding up in a room, even with three people in it, is vomit inducing for most of us, so the idea that you’d stand up in front of 60 drunk people in a cellar bar or 6000 people in an arena is just extraordinary. Even the greatest living practitioners like Jerry Seinfeld tell us in the film, this looks easy, but it is not. And when they first tried to do it, they could not do it. So we think that’s inspirational testimony to anybody who’s trying to do anything, be it learn how to play ball or trying to pass an exam – it’s about application, it’s about the time you need to spend on anything in life, if you really believe in it, to become good at something. And that when you do, you discover yourself through doing that.”

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