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‘Doctor Foster’ Decides on VariCam 35

A new five-part drama on the BBC, Doctor Foster was captured using Panasonic’s VariCam 35 camera. “The images are perfect for drama,” says Christine Healy, line producer on Doctor Foster. “We were able to reproduce skin tones faithfully, and the colors are warm and pleasing.”

Rental company 24/7 Drama provided the camera for the project. Graham Hawkins, 24/7 Drama’s managing director, explains, “The VariCam is quickly finding a place in the market. Not only does it deliver the Panasonic ‘look,’ but the dual native ISO gives [users] a camera with [the equivalent of] two completely different film stocks. What is more, dual record allows you to record both your master and dailies simultaneously. This has helped simplify the 4K workflow. All of a sudden the switch to 4K is not as scary as it once was.”