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DMGI Announces New Channel Partnership with JoostDMGI Announces New Channel Partnership with Joost

Digital Music Group, Inc., an owner and distributor of independently owned music, television, film, and video catalogs, announced it will begin offering its television and film content through Joost, an Internet television service. This makes Joost the latest in a growing list of digital video services added to the DMGI distribution network that includes Amazon Unbox, YouTube, the iTunes Store, Google Video and In2TV.

Unlike popular video-sharing site YouTube, which thrives on DIY content and home videos, Joost will feature professional content from television brands like Comedy Central, National Geographic, Adult Swim and Sports Illustrated. Joost, which requires users to register and quickly download an app to view content, will monitor users’ viewing patterns and target them with ads.

The site has gotten off to a lukewarm start, as Louise Story detailed in her recent NY Times article,

“A Diet, Oddly Bland, of Continuous Images and Chat.”

DMGI currently controls the digital distribution rights to more than 4,000 hours of video content, ranging from classic television favorites such as Gumby, I Spy, My Favorite Martian and The Mr. Bill Show to comedy from Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay and Jamie Foxx, to contemporary content from illusionist Criss Angel.