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DLP Cinema Unveils New .98 Chip

Texas Instruments (TI)

DLP Cinema unveiled the new .98 DLP Cinema chip last month at ShoWest. The announcement aligns with a banner year at the box office for DLP Cinema, marked by 350% growth in deployed DLP Cinema projectors globally. And for the first time ever, the 18 top-grossing films of 2006 were released in digital format and shown on DLP Cinema projectors.

The new .98 DLP Cinema chip offers the same picture as the original 1.2 DLP Cinema chip introduced in 1999, and is optimized for screen sizes up to 40 feet. The .98 chip is housed in a smaller, more efficient cabinet and outputs up to 18,000 lumens to produce an immersive picture. It has already been adopted by Barco, which recently announced it is building its new DP-1500 and DP-2000 model projectors around the .98 chip technology and has been contracted by GDC Technology to supply 700 digital cinema projectors in China. Christie and NEC are expected to adopt the new chip in the near future.

The new chip enables these DLP Cinema licensees to provide an increased variety of projector options to theaters around the world looking to convert to the digital format. In addition to the .98 ship option, new products will continue to be manufactured and deployed globally on the original 1.2 chip, including the recent announcement of Christie’s CP2000-ZX DLP Cinema projector.

DLP Cinema adoption increased by over 350% globally through 2006 with both new commercial screens and major studio offerings. Currently 3,334 screens in commercial theaters worldwide are DLP Cinema equipped and more than 100 films were released in digital format last year. Over the last year, an estimated 35 million moviegoers were introduced to the digital cinema experience featuring DLP Cinema technology.