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Dirty Looks Makes the Grade for ‘Under the Skin’

London’s Dirty Looks completed the color grade on director Jonathan Glazer’s sci-fi film Under the Skin. Shot in Glasgow and throughout rural Scotland, Under the Skin was captured by Daniel Landin on ARRI ALEXA and one-cam, a small cinema-quality digital camera developed by Dirty Looks sister company One of Us for covert shooting. The postproduction team developed custom color science that enabled footage from the cameras to mix in the edit, and colorist John Claude used FilmLight Baselight to help balance the feel of footage from the different cameras.

“I worked closely with Jonathan to achieve the look that felt right,” Claude says. “Jonathan was very clear that it should be rooted in an everyday Glaswegian reality. The balance in the grade was naturalistic in the street cinematography, then more stylized as we took the viewer through some of the more curious, unsettling sequences.”