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Directors Weekend Comes to LA June 11-12

Filmmaker’s Central

is holding the next Director’s Weekend in Los Angeles, CA on June 11-12, 2005. Sign up for both classes get $100.00 off.

FMC102 – DIRECTOR’S CRASH COURSE for Film and Television: Enter the director’s world. Get the information you need to confidently launch your career as a motion picture director.

FMC’s Directing “Crash Course” will take the mystery and myth, out of directing. It is neither a “beginner” nor an “advanced” class, concentrating on the nine key areas that are essential to first grasping, and then mastering, the job of the Film director.

Everyone participates, as they discover the roadmap to making films with confidence and efficiency.

WHAT IT IS: This is a combo: Workshop, Lecture, and Career booster. This 1-day event takes participants beyond the basics of the film directorial craft.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: You’ll learn all you need to know to step onto a movie set anywhere in the world…and direct.


* Selecting and interpreting scripts

* How to Create shot lists

* Collaboration with crew.

* Staging, blocking, and working with talent.

* Weaknesses and strengths in performance.

* Technical and creative tools of composition and lenses.

* Multi Cameras and Movement.

* Production design and texture.

* Working with Actors.

* And all the major areas that impact post production.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Los Angeles, CA

9:00am – 5:30pm

Click Here for more information

Director’s Crash Course $175.00*

($225.00 regular price)


Courtyard Marriott

13480 Maxella Avenue

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292