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Director Stewart Handler on Taking Web Video to the Next Level with ‘H+’

Fast Company’s Co.Create talks to director Stewart Hendler about his new Bryan Singer-produced sci-fi web series, H+. The series, about a computer virus that wipes out a third of the world’s population, can be watched nonlinearly.

Says Hendler, “When I was brought on in the outline phase, the writers, John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso, both of whom are mad geniuses, had brought the concept to Bryan Singer’s company [Bad Hat Harry Productions] and they had embraced the idea that this would be a multi-part, multi-character, multi-country storyline. With that we all loved the idea of making something that could be accessed in different orders and from different angles and that would reveal itself in different ways depending on how you put these small pieces together. And the Web is really the only place where you can do something like that.”

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