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Director Steve McQueen’s Museum Piece: His Kanye West Videos on Display at LACMA

Max Cea reports for Grantland about the unusual exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), featuring a 9-minute video for Kanye West songs, “All Day” and “I Feel Lke That.” The piece is directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave). As Cea reports, “Painted on one wall within the exhibit’s space is a description of the video: ‘play[ing] upon the relationship between the camera and the subject. As in a meeting between the bull and the matador, it remains unclear who chases whom within the arena. The roles of pursuer and pursued are at times inverted.'”

His description continues: “The film becomes dizzying. It was shot in an enclosed dockyard outside of London, the room stripped bare to Yeezy’s liking, but the action is nonstop. With most of the windows boarded, the viewer has no bearings; the film is removed from place — as well as time, though the video has the feel of a not-too-distant dystopia in which everyone wears monochromatic grayscale.”

Further down, Cea polls a sample of attendees and gets a diverse set of reactions.