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Director of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Documentary on the Challenges of Visualizing an Author’s Life

Justin Webster’s new documentary Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an in-depth portrait of one of the most renowned writers of the 20th century. But even though the subject matter was certainly larger than life, making a movie about a writer offered up its own challenges.

“However worthy the subject is, from a filmmaking point of view a deceased writer is not an easy subject for an audience,” Webster admits to Signature Reads. “There were several problems with making a film about Márquez. To pick one, how huge the subject is. As his agent Carmen Balcells told me, he was ‘multi-faceted, polyhedric…everything I can say is nothing to what he was.’ I chose to pose one question: How did he do it — become one of the greatest artists of the 20th century? And to try and answer that question. Which I hope the film does in the end. Three things helped make the story engaging: It was frankly a miracle he became world famous, he lived through dramatic times, and he was deeply socially and politically engaged.”