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Director Benjamin Dickinson on Creating a Viable AR UI in ‘Creative Control’

In Creative Control, writer/director/star Benjamin Dickinson explores the folly of humankind by imagining a slightly futuristic world where augmented reality is more advanced and ubiquitous than it is now. To depict the world, Dickinson focused on creating a compelling and unique AR user interface.

“I have experimented with virtual reality now, but there is really no user interface that I know of that exists at this level, so it was just really making it up,” he tells MovieMaker Magazine. “Brainstorming with a bunch of different people to find out what would we want it to feel like. Certainly we see a fair amount of heads-up displays and UIs in movies, like in Iron Man. They tend to be very military, and we wanted to make something that felt more like the iPhone of the future, something where the UI felt a little bit more human and a little bit more artistic. We did think a lot of about the functionality of the UI: how it would see the periphery of your vision, having it be very light, and how it would animate. I think in some scenes the UI is totally legit as a functional suggestions for an augmented reality UI, and in other cases it serves the narrative and there is more information than you would actually need, just to give the audience a clue about what’s going on.”