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Director Amma Assante Balances Love and Politics with ‘A United Kingdom’


director Amma Assante follows up her acclaimed film with

A United Kingdom

, another period piece that looks at the cross-section of love and race.

A United Kingdom

tells the true story of 

Seretse Khama, the future king of Botswana, who fell in love with and married a white British woman at around the same time that apartheid was put into effect in South Africa. Their relationship had wide-ranging effects on both of their countries.

“When I came on board the film, there was a real belief that the political side was not where the balance, the weight of the film, should be,” Assante tells MovieMaker Magazine. “That it should absolutely be the love. And it was the love story that we were going to tell. But for me it was key from the get-go that we tell this story and balance it with the politics. For reasons I mentioned earlier, you can’t tell the power of the love unless you understood the power of what they stood up to. But I was committed always to tell that story through the prism of the love story—very rarely stepping out of the couple’s point of view. That guided therefore what you saw; you’re always seeing it as they experience it…you are constantly making these choices. You have to decide, ‘What is the film I’m making?'”

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