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Digital Studio Summit, June 19-20, in LA

The Digital Studio Summit

will be held June 19-20 in Los Angeles. This is an industry summit on how Film and television production are transformed by digital technology. Early bird tickets cost $95.

If you work in Hollywood film or television production, post-production, digital effects, high-def TV, animation, digital cinema, gaming or any other form of entertainment production involving cutting-edge digital technologies, you can’t afford to miss the first conference designed especially for you!

Over 400 industry pros attended the last sold out summit in November 2002. Includes development, acquisition, pre-production, post production, marketing, distribution and exhibition. development and implementation of digital technologies for film and television production.

Learn practical implications for how it will impact your career and the overall business impact for the entertainment industry overall

Hear from industry leaders discussing the challenges and opportunities when incorporating new technologies with traditional production techniques


Network with studio executives, production companies, producers, directors, filmmakers, technology developers, equipment designers, software designers, entertainment and media content creators, investors, and technology companies to make business contacts.