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The Digital Cinema Society Presents: Digital Still Cameras for Motion Picture Production

September 23. 

5:00 pm

DV Expo attendees are
invited to attend this Digital Cinema Society event, Digital Still
Cameras for Motion Picture Production, as they explore the motion
capabilities of the Canon 5D MkII and the Lumix GH1 hybrid digital
still cameras. DCS Northern California Chapter President Simon
Sommerfeld will moderate the event and will discuss his experiences
shooting a spec spot with the Canon 5D MkII and its post production

Tim Smith of Canon will be present to answer questions
about the 5D MkII and will give a detailed tour of the camera system;
he will also be showing footage from the 5D MkII and discussing how the
camera is being used in major production environments. Illya Friedman
of HotRod Cameras will be presenting the Panasonic Lumix GH1 and
showing footage from the camera. Illya, working with Abel Cine Tech, is
at the forefront of using this camera in cine-style shooting and will
demonstrate how the camera can be adapted for use with PL mount
cine-lens systems.  In addition, Brian Valente of Redrock Micro will
show some of the gear his company has developed to help bridge the gap
for using these cameras in a professional motion environment.