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Digital Anarchy’s Samurai Sharpen Can Help Bring Your Shots Into Focus

Dealing with an out-of-focus shot? Oliver Peters recommends

Digital Anarchy’s Samurai Sharpen

, a plug-in available for FCP X, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

He writes, “

What makes Samurai Sharpen different is that it includes sophisticated masking in order to restrict the part of the image to be sharpened. For example, on a facial close-up, you can enhance the sharpness of eyes without also pushing the skin texture by an unflattering amount. Yet, you still have plenty of control to push the image into a ‘look.’ For example, the photographic trend these days seems to be photos with an obvious over-sharpened look for dramatic appeal. If you want subtle or if you want to stylize the image, both are achievable with Samurai Sharpen.”

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