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Digimation Signs Exclusive Deal with Viewpoint

Digimation, Inc. has announced that it has become the worldwide,exclusive licensor of Viewpoint’s catalog of digital 3D models. Byadding the world’s largest library of 3D models and content toDigimation’s growing plug-in and animation software business,Digimation strengthens its position as one of the world’s leading 3Dsoftware companies, which includes a global installed base of more than200,000 customers.

“Adding the extensive catalog of Viewpoint digital assets to our ownwill dramatically improve our product breadth and reach,” said DavidAvgikos, chief executive officer of Digimation. “With prices of3D-related hardware and software falling and interest in 3D animationrising, the need for high-quality 3D models and assets is greater thanever before. Viewpoint has always been the undisputed leader in thearea of 3D content and Digimation will work on extending the depth,breadth and delivery of the existing library.”

For more than ten years Viewpoint has been the leader in creatingand publishing premier 3D content. Viewpoint models have been usedextensively in game development, broadcast, visual simulations andfeature films. Viewpoint’s library of assets contains approximately30,000 models available in all popular 3D formats, as well as textures,high-resolution satellite imagery and motion capture data.

“This arrangement will free Viewpoint to focus on our graphicstechnology platform, the Viewpoint Media Player, and the numerous crossmedia services that further that platform,” commented Bob Rice,chairman, president and chief executive officer of ViewpointCorporation. “Digimation’s strength in marketing and distribution,combined with their expertise in selling to high-end 3D developers,will ensure the continued success, growth and proliferation ofViewpoint’s extensive library of digital assets.”

Visit the Digimation Web site at The Viewpointmodel catalog can be found at