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Deluxe New York Mixes Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ with Dolby Atmos

Director Darren Aronofsky chose Deluxe New York’s mixing stage to create the layered soundscape for his epic feature Noah. Skip Lievsay and Craig Henighan mixed the film using Dolby Atmos technology, which allows mixers greater control over the audio, offering “object based” mixing and the ability to spread sounds throughout the theater, including directly overhead. Atmos audio mixing is scalable and allows each Dolby Atmos-enabled theater to get the most of the sound design, independent of its size or the number of speakers it has.

Russell Crowe as Noah. Photo by Niko Tavernise.

“Dolby Atmos gives you more options for moving energy around the room and ceiling,” Lievsay says. “If a character is speaking off-screen—say they would be to the rear left of the theater—we can accurately place that character in that space. If you’re a director who is open to that idea, as Darren is, then Dolby Atmos is really the only way to do it.”

“Obviously there is a lot of rain in the story of Noah,” Henighan adds, “and Dolby Atmos allowed me to take the rain to the back of the theater and overhead. I had recorded a lot of real rain from outside and inside wooden barns and I was able to spread all these sounds throughout the theater to give the audience an incredible sense of really being inside the ark.”