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Delivering Breaking News for RTL with Dejero LIVE+ EnGo

Freelance cameraman Peter Van der Struijs delivers live breaking news from around the world to a roster of clients including the Netherlands’ RTL Nieuws. This year he’s covered the UK referendum for Brexit from Brussels, the riots surrounding the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships from France, and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro, among other events.

The last time he was in Rio, just two years ago, he covered the FIFA World Cup, but at that time he was confined to shooting in areas near his client’s satellite truck in order to transmit video.

Since then he’s adopted Dejero’s LIVE+ EnGo mobile transmitter, which may be camera-mounted or worn to deliver real-time HD video with extremely low latency from virtually any remote location. The transmitter’s capabilities enable his team to outperform other camera crews in the same spot or shoot in isolated locations where others’ broadcast signals can’t reach.

With simplified connectivity options, expanded roaming solutions and enhanced carrier services, along with Dejero’s Intelligent Connection Management technology, which adapts to network congestion in real time, the LIVE+ EnGo encodes IP video and bonds all available networks, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BGAN or Ka-band satellite.

“With the EnGo, I have more opportunity and more time to capture more content,” Van der Struijs explains. “You literally just push a button, wait for a network connection, and you’re ready to go. I couldn’t have designed the box better myself.”

Van der Struijs (Twitter @cameramanpeter) is owner of freelance camera company Van der Struijs Video & Audio.