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Davis & Sanford Magnum XG Allows Sturdier Shoots

There are tripods for certain purposes and then there is the Magnum XG, a camera support sturdy and versatile enough to handle anything you can throw at it. (Magnum XG is part of Tiffen’s Davis & Sanford multipurpose tripod range.)

I enjoy shooting time-lapse films, where sturdiness is a must. I came across the Magnum XG while searching for a tripod that would handle a specific task: shooting a time-lapse sequence on the side of a cliff. Until then I’d had a variety of tripods for various uses, but I knew that the cliff shoot would require an extremely stable support that could be weighted and locked down. The location where we were shooting has extremely high winds all year round.

We decided that the Magnum XG offered the sturdiness I needed for that particular shoot. The Magnum XG ships with the FX12 head, but on their recommendation we decided on the Magnum XG13, which comes with the heavy-duty FX13 fluid three-way pan and tilt head.

It should be noted that, at around 6.7 lb., this isn’t a light setup. The tripod can handle a max load of 15 lb. and the head can support up to 12 lb.

I’m sure we would have lost a fair few shots without the Magnum XG. It’s something we always pack and can rely on no matter the situation.