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DaVinci Resolve Studio Grades ‘Taboo’

During postproduction on the BBC series Taboo, Goldcrest Post senior online editor Sinéad Cronin used Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve’s editing toolset to access all of the episodes and make editorial changes live throughout the grade, including cuts, opticals and VFX inserts, without having to render or export to another application. The Resolve workstation was outfitted with DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel.

For the DI, colorist Adam Glasman delivered a dark, cinematic grade that would complement the rich blacks and gritty details captured by cinematographer Tim Patten. “Much of the nighttime interior material was candlelit, so the challenge was to keep the darkness while retaining texture in the costumes, some of which were black, and the sets,” Glasman says. “Heavy vignetting was also required in many exterior daylight scenes to keep a brooding, stormy feel.”

Taboo premiered in the United States on FX in January.