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David O. Russell on the Triumphant True Story/Stories of ‘Joy’

Director David O. Russell’s Joy marks his third straight collaboration with star Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence stars as single mom turned entrepeneur Joy Mangano. The film takes liberties with its subject matter, inserting bits of fantasy to get across its message of grace, dignity and a quiet success.

“Jennifer and I wanted to create a fable that used some of the true facts,” Russell tells Indiewire. “I was very much enchanted with some of the classic filmmaking of the ’40s and ‘50s in terms of framing, in terms of light and shadow, the use of silhouette. More formal frames and going into dreams and going into the soap opera. Those were all new elements that I wanted to dive into.  I looked at it like, what makes up the psyche of this girl? We’re rooted by those we love, those we struggled with, and we all are where we came from. And so I wanted to be true to that and describe how someone comes out of the scars that make up the concerns of the adult world and the power of her forgiveness and the power of her being. Just how she conducts herself while she is successful and the illusions abort success. That success is never what you think of it. We wanted to shoot the film in that way.”