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David Fincher on Creating Satire for ‘Gone Girl’

In an in-depth interview on Film Comment, director David Fincher explains his thought process behind the highly-anticipated Gone Girl.

Nick (Ben Affleck) consults his defense attorney Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). Photo by Merrick Morton.

Says Fincher, “I’m going after something that walks a fine line between satiric and stupid. There was a National Lampoon record in the mid-Seventies called That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick. That’s kind of the tone of the movie. If we play it too earnest and sincere, then it’s tragedy, but if we go with the absurdity of it, I think it can walk a satirical line. The beginning of the movie purports to be the Scott Peterson case. Stripped from the headlines. And you say, I know what this is and I know where I am in the investigations. But then, by the time Desi [Neil Patrick Harris] comes into it, it becomes not about you at all. It takes off into this semi-absurd world. And then by the time we get to the fight in the dressing room, you kind of go, oops, we as an audience are not absolved. We’re complicit.”

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