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David Fincher on the Cold, Dark, Perverse World of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher talks to about his love of dark subject matter, the challenges of adapting a blockbuster book and his infamous affinity for multiple takes. Says Fincher, “I’m not in the adaptation business; I’m in the script business. I
didn’t read F. Scott Fitzgerald, and say, ‘God damn we gotta make a
movie out of Benjamin Button!’ I was given a script that I liked. Same thing with Zodiac – I wouldn’t have touched it as a book; it was only James Vanderbilt’s script. I still to this day haven’t read The Accidental Billionaires because I had a script by Aaron Sorkin that was the reason to make the movie. And with [Dragon Tattoo],
I almost said no on the basis of the book because I just didn’t know
how you could get to two-and-a-half hours, even, with this subject, with
this source material. I couldn’t get to two-and-a-half hours in
cinematic terms because I couldn’t see what the movie necessarily was.
And so I was in the Steve Zaillian business.”

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