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David Attenborough Reveals Secrets of Filming ‘Conquests of the Skies 3D’

It isn’t camera trickery that allowed David Attenborough to get close to the birds that are at the heart of his new nature documentary, Conquests of the Skies 3D: it’s good, old-fashioned maternal bonding.

As The Telegraph explains, “The whooper swans…were filmed in close-up using a 3D camera rig with the help of a former children’s nurse they consider a mother. Rose Buck was lying in the boat, encouraging the swans to follow her as Sir David delivered his expertise to camera. The swans are some of a flock of birds raised by Mrs Buck and her husband, Lloyd, and used in programmes such as Springwatch and The One Show. Travelling the country as a makeshift ‘family,’ the swans have been ‘imprinted’ with the image of Mrs Buck as mother from when they hatched, meaning they are devoted to following her every move with trust.”

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