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Datavideo Delivers RegalCon to a Streaming Audience

In May, Golden West College was responsible for recording and streaming RegalCon, a convention dedicated to the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Our production team consisted of students who volunteered to work the event to gain hands-on experience. Because of that, it was vital that my team and I had a complete workflow that was reliable and easy to use. Datavideo had exactly what we needed—everything from the cameras, switcher and recorder to CG graphics and a streaming encoder.

Datavideo’s HRS-30 portable all-in-one recorder was perfect for this event. It has a built-in 10.1-inch LCD monitor and records to an SSD drive.

I was also impressed with the Datavideo NVS-25 streaming encoder/recorder. We would be streaming the event to YouTube Live, but there were restrictions on some of the panel presentations, so we needed to be able to start and stop streaming easily. Doing so with the NVS-25 was as easy as pressing the “stream” button on the front panel of the unit.

The NVS-25 can also record to a USB drive while it’s streaming. Not only was this useful as a backup recording, but since it’s an H.264 compressed codec, it’s perfect for uploading to YouTube and sharing with various media outlets.

Datavideo gave us the confidence to know that everything would work together, and when you are doing a live performance, you’ve got to make everything work.

Sean Glumace is a digital media arts instructor at Golden West College.