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Dan Krauss Explores Moral Duality in War Documentary ‘The Kill Team’

Dan Krauss’ documentary The Kill Team weaves together several timelines to tell the story of Adam Winfield, a U.S. soldier who was charged with the murder of Afghani civilians but who simultaneously served as the whistleblower to the atrocities. This duality was what drew Krauss to tell the story in the first place.

Says Krauss to Film Society of Lincoln Center, “In [a New York Times] article, there was a description of Adam as being a whistleblower and a murder suspect. That caused a massive double take. I immediately thought, ‘Well how could he be both of these things? He’s being accused of acting in the moral wrong and also credited with acting in the moral right, how can both of those impulses exist in the same person?’ Clearly there had been some sort of journey that was worth understanding more fully and I wanted to understand the pressures exerted on him in Afghanistan that pulled him from one moral pole to the other, torn between two things simultaneously.”

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