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Daisy Goodwin on Telling the Story of a Teenage Queen with ‘Victoria’

"My take on it is ‘teenager becomes queen,'" Goodwin says.

Daisy Goodwin’s new British television series Victoria tells the story of the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign, and how the young queen grappled with ruling in a world of predominantly older men.

“My take on it is ‘teenager becomes queen,'” Goodwin tells Televisual. “I have a teenage daughter and she’s a handful so what would it be like if tomorrow she became the most powerful woman in the world? That was a compelling notion and a great place to start a drama from. It centres on the first few years of Victoria’s reign. It starts with the day she becomes Queen. It’s really about her struggle to assert herself and break free of her mother and her mother’s adviser John Conroy and to show the world that she is capable of being queen. There were a lot of people who thought that maybe the crown should have gone to the next man in line, her uncle the Duke of Cumberland. It was quite a fluid situation. It was not the slam dunk we might expect now. “

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