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A Custom LED Rig Depicts a Matrix-esque World in Music Video

A custom rig with 2,300 LED lights was used to create the hypnotic music video for Lusine’s “Just a Cloud.”

Director Michael Reisinger’s narrative goal was to depict someone who comes to the realization that reality is a simulation.

“Let’s assume our subjective reality is, in fact, a simulation,” Reisinger tells


. “In a lot of fictional examples, a character awakens from a simulated world and into the real world, where everything is the same. Color, light, matter—all behave the same as in the simulation. I wanted to put our character through a similar awakening, but into a reality that’s overwhelming and incomprehensible. It’s the same idea Arthur C. Clarke expressed about advanced civilizations appearing magical to us. If there is a higher reality, experiencing it for the first time would probably be completely disorienting.”

Watch below and read the full story