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Cush Light Is Quick and Accurate on ‘Veep’ Set

With a show as fast-paced as ours, only the fastest and highest quality lighting technology will do. On Veep, Cush Light’s Cush Flex, driven by Cinematic Dimming Technology (CDT), allowed us to meet those two requirements in many different lighting situations.

We would literally tape a Cush Flex into a corner for a cove light, or clip it to a flag so that it could be set in a stand. The Cush Flex has been great as a directional light for us, and it’s punchy enough to be used as an indirect bounce source in those hard-to-rig places.

Since Cush Light’s CDT dimmers can be DMX-controlled, there were many occasions that my team was able to plug in a wireless receiver for remote deployment. This lightweight, contained unit clipped into places that would have taken much longer to rig with power and control using any conventional lighting unit. We operated them with battery power in around 50 percent of our shots, making them quick to use in a pinch.

I’ve done Veep without Cush Light, and now that I have done it with Cush Light, the difference is striking. The CRI is accurate and has the Cinema White color mixing that we have all come to rely on. It’s great to find a tool that works well for so many situations.

Paul Postal is chief lighting technician on the HBO series Veep.