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Crushed ICE Provides Split-Screen Interactive Presentations

Crush Media Solutions, a full-service digital media productioncompany, today announced the introduction of Crushed ICE (InteractiveContent Experience), a turnkey, web-based technology that providesbroadcast video quality, split-screen interactive presentations.

Crushed ICE allows clients to present a web-based video, togetherwith branded graphics and slides that support the presentation. A betasite prepared for features a training video on one side ofthe screen, with a PowerPoint presentation on the other side. Bundledapplication files are then distributed using a state-of-the-artapplication server that can be remotely administrated.

Crushed ICE is ideal not only for training presentations, but forany other use where two simultaneous presentations are required. Usesinclude investor relations, marketing and sales presentations, productlaunches, recruitment, web-based concerts, and webbconferencing.

“ICE provides video that’s unlike anything thatyou’ve ever seen on the Web before,” says Ian“Sunny” Lake, president. “Not only is the qualityunsurpassed, but Crushed ICE is an affordable, turnkey product. Clientscan create dynamic presentations without having to purchase othertools.”

Presentations created using Crushed ICE can be presented live oron-demand, according to Lake. Because of its affordability andflexibility, Lake believes Crushed ICE will have broad applications forhuman resources, marketing, sales, and corporate communications.

“Crushed ICE is a dynamic new product that adds an entirelynew dimension to distance learning and corporate communications,”says David Fleming, communications writer for Authoria. “Theability for the user to view high-quality streaming video, along withtext or other graphics, enhances the learning process and creates whatmay be the most effective online learning tool on the markettoday.”

Crush MediaSolutions of Northboro, Mass. is a full-service digital mediaproduction company that delivers services ranging from completescript-to-screen television production to live webcasts, corporatepresentations, product releases, and web and multimedia training forregional and national clients.