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“Good Time,” Better Filmmaking: Chaotic Creativity from the Safdie Brothers

"With 'Good Time,' a race-against-the-clock caper starring Robert Pattinson, the Safdies are having their own moment."

“Josh and Benny Safdie are brothers and directors whose films traffic in anxious realism, but also diverge into the hallucinatory,” explains Billy Gray. “In one instance, a cellphone is chucked into the air and transforms into an exploding firework. Others involve anthropomorphic treatments of mosquitoes and polar bears. Josh calls them ‘Safdie moments.’

“With Good Time, a race-against-the-clock caper starring Robert Pattinson in theaters now, the Safdies are having their own moment, one that could launch them to the forefront of American indie cinema.” To read the full article, click here.

Pattinson, writes Amos Barshad, “plays Constantine ‘Connie’ Nikas, a con stuck in an all-night swirl of violence and exploitation and redeemed only by an aching love for a brother he’s desperately trying to spring out of the infamous Rikers Island. All through the movie’s dark hours, and despite exponential evidence to the contrary, Connie never wavers from a fierce belief that he is doing the right thing.

“The result is a screwy headlong rush toward disaster — a hot Corvette careening through lanes to avoid collision and still, inevitably, smashing fender-first into a brick wall. Much like most of the Safdies’ stuff, it is not a passive moviegoing experience. ‘You have to decide,’ Benny says. ‘Am I gonna roll with this?'”

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