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‘Creative Control’ Imagines a Near-Future World and New Interfaces

Director Ben Dickinson speaks to Moveable Fest about his new film Creative Control, which imagines a very near future where augmented reality glasses take over an ad executive’s life–and not necessarily for the better. The movie involves a number of scenes which feature multiple screens and imagined interfaces.

“If you are looking at something recorded on the glass, it’s a Go-Pro. That’s what we used so it could be mounted on someone’s head,” Dickinson explains. “But Adam [Newport-Berra], the cinematographer, and I created a dogma for the movie before we started shooting it just to give us something to reference because it is overwhelming. Then we would break our own rules when we needed to. One of the things we really tried to do, which viewers may notice, is a lot of the shots are single masters. We wanted to do that to really make it feel like it was happening in real time. Then of course, sometimes you just need another character’s reaction and [see] what they are doing, so we weren’t too precious about it. There are also some scenes that are straight up coverage, so we would start with what we wanted it to feel like overall, and then make adjustments based on what’s practical. It’s not that esoteric. You know what you want it to feel like, then you just keep trying to come back to that feeling.”