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Creating the Unsettling Futuristic Interfaces of ‘Black Mirror’

Hit British show Black Mirror has been rightly compared to The Twilight Zone but with a distinctly technological bent. As a result, visual effects house Painting Practice has had to do a lot of work with unique interfaces to depict the show’s various plots and settings.

VFX supervisor Justin Hutchinson Chatburn tells The Creators Project, “[Series creator Charlie Brooker] regularly cites The Twilight Zone as an inspiration, I think mainly because it was a distinctly unsettling and  challenging series that made little effort to place itself in a universe or even a future that was unrecognizable…we very quickly decided that less is more, and that the Black Mirror world has no place for the kind of interfaces you might see in Iron Man or Minority Report…Often the production design works hand in hand with the interface design but we all follow the same guidelines. We start designing the interfaces as soon as we can especially if there needs to be on screen choreography. Then I’ll sit with the actors on set and walk them through the motion of where they need to point press and swipe.”

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