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Crafting the Netflix Docu-Series ‘Abstract’

From executive producer Morgan Neville, Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix original documentary series that demystifies the process of design by bringing viewers inside the lives of designers from every discipline, and showing how a series of decisions lead to the iconic designs that shape our world.

According to show co-creator Scott Dadich, “One of the goals of the series is to illuminate processes that are opaque to people, so reaching an audience outside of the design world is important to us.”

Co-creator Dave O’Connor adds, “On a personal level, in each film there is at least one moment where we saw something magical unfold before our eyes. That was incredible, and I think the biggest lesson I learned was just how much design thinking can be applied to my own life and my own work. I learned just how much design thinking I do without even knowing I’m doing it.”

“Our hope from the very earliest days was that people would go back to their daily lives with a brand new sense of discovery—that you won’t look at things around you in the same way anymore,” Dadich concludes.

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