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‘Cop Car’ Editor Talks His All-Adobe Workflow

Andrew Hasse, co-editor of 2015 Sundance film Cop Car, talks to Adobe about his decision to use Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Photoshop CC on the film.

He says, “This is a very effects-intensive film. With Dynamic Link automatically updating between Premiere Pro and After Effects, we were able to generate finished-looking effects right out of the gate. There’s a chase scene at the end of the film. [Director] Jon [Watts] asked us to do an entire cut that we liked before showing him anything. We quickly did a lot of color grading, green screens, adding speed ramps, and other features with Dynamic Link. We were able to give him a cinematic experience the first time he saw it as opposed to something that looked like it wasn’t finished. We also loved being able to have multiple timelines open and compare them. We could then move our selections among scene timelines or master timelines to get the best results. When we were finishing up the conform and putting the visual effects in, the duplicate frame indicator feature came in handy. We could find a specific shot in the timeline and make sure we were not repeating shots to double-check our work.”

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