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Color Grading in 2013: The Pros and Cons of Affordable Software

Colorist Warren Eagles looks at the difference ten years have made in his industry with the advent of ever-more powerful color correction software.

He writes, “It’s true, the high end grading rooms of the early 2000s would have set you back over a million dollars plus. Clients would come into my room in London and say “I have always wanted to work in one of these rooms” with a sort of strange star struck look in their eyes. The work was high end Commercials and Drama, no Reality TV or grading for the internet. Feature films were still graded in a lab. A documentary only got graded if we were slow and music videos occupied the small hours for a reduced rate. Everything was shot on film 16mm or 35mm and not a tape or digital file in sight…

“Today far more people are grading. Directors of Photography, Editors, VFX artists, and Directors. Computers have consistently got faster, storage cheaper, and digital cameras have taken over from film.”

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