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Coldplay Monkeys Around in New CG Animated Music Video

Apes evolve before your eyes and form a band in the CGI music video for Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime,” created with motion capture technology. Mat Whitecross directs.

“The brief was to capture the spontaneous dancing Chris [Martin] does on stage, but to use this technology to make it look choreographed – an army of dancers inspired by the band’s movement.” Whitecross tells Creative Review. “The beautiful and terrifying thing about this technology is that everything can be improvised and changed – endlessly. No decision you ever make is final – you can swap camera angles, change timings, or the position of the band – or even their appearance. Nothing is fixed, other than their performances. On the one hand it’s incredibly liberating, but it’s also easy to get lost. So we decided to only use the camera I operated on the day. It narrowed the possibilities in an interesting way – we thought giving the camera a handheld, natural feel would make the impossible things you were seeing seem more possible. I loved this way of working.”

Watch below.