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‘Coherence’ Writer/Director James Ward Byrkit on Crafting a Movie After a Funhouse

Coherence writer/director James Ward Byrkit talks to Twitch about his unusual and complex sci-fil movie Coherence, which was designed to encourage repeated viewings.

Says Byrkit, “My way of looking at it was like it was a fun-house. You go into room after room that you have to go through to get to the end, but you can do whatever you want within each room. You don’t know what surprise is going to jump out at you. The makers of the funhouse have a hope of what you are going to do. For instance, if that thing jumps out, you’re going to take 5 steps back. And if you take 5 steps back, there is going to be something waiting to make you want to turn right. So, that was how we approached every single scene; knowing human nature. Knowing our friends. Knowing what they were probably going to do and then anticipating reactions to the clues set in advance.”

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