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CNN’s ‘Chicagoland’ Captured with Canon C300 Cameras

For Chicagoland, an eight-part unscripted CNN series from Brick City Television that examines public safety and education, cinematographer Mark Benjamin relied on Canon’s EOS C300 cameras and EF-series lenses.

“The EOS C300 camera addresses our immediate needs,” explains Benjamin, who shot the series alongside Daniel B. Levin and Tony Hardmon. “I have long been an adherent to the ‘one-man-band’ concept of filmmaking. The idea of making minimally invasive, observational documentaries makes it hard to use a crew, which can get in the way. The size and the curved edges of the Canon EOS C300 camera make it the perfect tool for a one-man-band. We shot more than 300 days—over 1,500 hours—to make eight one-hour episodes. We needed a camera that felt good in our hands for 12-hour shooting days, and the Canon EOS C300 was it.”