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Clipta Launches Video Informer for Free Web Video Distribution

Online video search company Clipta has released Video Informer, a free
service for Web publishers that offers access to the Clipta Partner Network
to promote their own video content and drive traffic to their site.

• Web publishers can create a customized Informer, or cluster of
multiple video news, to feature on their site — choosing from a variety of
topics to tailor the content to their audience. Publishers can customize the
appearance of the Informer to fit with the look and feel of their site,
choosing fonts, text size, colors, etc.

• To offer a broader selection of video content, publishers can
select multiple categories from the list of 18 categories including auto,
celebrity/entertainment, news and politics, comedy, music and sports.

• Publishers can customize basic aspects of the visual appearance
— from dimensions to quantity of videos shown — to achieve the best
possible performance.

• Publishers can preview the layout to see a sample of how the
Informer will appear on the site once it goes live.

A Web publisher can use Clipta’s Partner Network to promote video
content by submitting news to Video Informer. The video content is
distributed on partner sites to their Informers based on relevance. When
site visitors click an Informer video, they are driven back to the original
source — driving new traffic for publishers.

 Wordpress publishers can seamlessly upload video content straight from
their site to the partner network via the Informer plug-in. If the plug-in
detects a video on the site, it automatically pulls the title, description
and link from the original post but lets the publisher select the topic
category and still-frame image.

Clipta uses a backend algorithm that distributes video news across the
network and provides publishers with an easy way to determine the success of
their Informers by monitoring its traffic. Publishers with Informers on
their sites are guaranteed to receive a targeted visitor for every visitor
they send to the sites in the network. While in private beta Video Informer
distributed an estimated 3.5 million video informers per day within the
partner network.

With Video Informer, Clipta can analyze consumer behavior and the
video content that is being watched. Clipta explores publisher sites with
video content and surrounding context in its partner network to learn more
about the destinations that people frequent for video content and learn
general video search practices among consumers to improve Clipta’s video
search results.