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Clips FX for iMovie: A Helper App for iMovie, in the Mac App Store

Mosa Motion Graphics has announced that Clips FX for iMovie 1.0 has been released in the Mac App Store. This program is a helper application that sits atop iMovie and dispenses motion graphics clips directly into iMovie events. It also works with Final Cut Pro, FCPX and Final Cut Express.

Clips FX’s clips are each 20 seconds long – Avant Garde, Camera, Hollywood and TV genres are presented in tabbed scrollable tables. All clips contains picture & sound, and are royalty free. Clips can be dragged into iMovie “events” or Final Cut “bins”, or saved directly to a users movie directory.

Clips FX’s iPad-like interface works as a helper application atop your editing program, perfect for iMovie users wanting a pro look. Clips will work in any editing application with h.264 file support, including iMovie ’09, iMovie ’11, FCP 7, 6.1 and FCPX.

Pricing and Availability:
Clips FX for iMovie 1.0 is available for $4.99 at the App Store.