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Claudio Miranda Uses Sony F65 for ‘IMAX Look’ in ‘Tomorrowland’

Tomorrowland cinematographer Claudio Miranda talks to Definition Magazine about using the Sony F65 to shoot Disney’s big-budget fantasy/adventure film.

Explains Miranda, “I do feel…that there is a camera for every show. A lot of people says that I shoot Sony a lot of the time but if [director] Brad [Bird] is going for a 4K release and really wants to see Tomorrowland in it’s finest detail, this is the way to go.  Brad wanted that IMAX experience, that huge ‘negative’ experience, we ended up with the [Sony] F65. We did use the F55 as well but it wasn’t totally flushed out for us, the F65 is still the premier image, it’s still sharper.”

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